Frequently Asked Questions


20-30 minutes before your scheduled Bounce time or if you would like to relax and have a coffee in the Flying Saucer Café feel free to come earlier.

You should wear suitable, comfortable clothing for the Activity. Long sleeves and legs are recommended due to the nature of the Activity, skirts shorts and dresses not advised

Before Bouncing you must sign a waiver form, download waiver forms here

At Jump Nation we want all our customers and bouncers to have fun but in the safest environment possible. Your safety is our Number One priority. There will always be some risk involved in this type of activity.

Participation in any activity is always at your own discretion. Bouncing can be a dangerous sport and can result in injury if rules are not followed. With safety in mind the following rules and guidelines must be adhered to:

  • All bouncers must have a waiver signed before bouncing (if under 18 waiver must be signed by parent/guardian)
  • All bouncers must wear non grip socks while on the inflatable. This is for safety and hygiene reasons.
  • Bouncers must follow Jump Crew Staff instructions at all times, if disobeyed bouncers will be removed from the building
  • Bouncers must have correct coloured wristbands to bounce
  • Only one person per yellow wipeout ball at a time
  • Always be aware of other bouncers around you, especially smaller bouncers
  • Do not backflip the inflatable is sturdy and may cause injury to your back or joints if you land awkwardly
  • Always land on your feet or your bum when bouncing
  • Should you fall while bouncing keep arms and legs in close to your body and curl up to avoid injury
  • No double bouncing is permitted
  • No jumping into the noodles.
  • No food or drink allowed on the inflatable.
  • No outside food is permitted in Jump Nation
  • No chewing gum or any other other objects in your mouth while bouncing
  • Remove all objects from pockets i.e. phones, ipods, keys, money, sharp objects or anything on your clothing e.g. belt buckles that may cause injury or damage (Lockers are provided for these items)
  • No chasing, wrestling or rough play on the arena.
  • All tricks or flips attempted must be within your bouncing capabilities and within Jump Nation rules
  • Persons suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted on the premises and will be asked to leave.
  • Do not bounce if you are pregnant or think you might be
  • Do not bounce if you have medical problems (please seek medical advice before bouncing)

Yes, according to manufacturers policy there is a weight restriction of 100kg ( 16 Stone)


Bounce sessions start strictly on the hour/half hour and last for the hour so please arrive in plenty of time.

Yes we have lockers and open storage to store your belongings as no objects are allowed on the inflatable i.e. phones, wallets, keys, jewellery etc.

Yes all bouncers must sign a waiver, if Under 18, the waiver must be signed by a parent/guardian.

We strongly recommend it as we book out quite quickly for certain times. Bookings can now be made online. If you would like to book using gift vouchers or corporate passes, please call us and have your voucher number(s) ready.

NO outside food is permitted, however refreshments and snacks are available at the Flying Saucer Café.

Please call one of the Jump Nation Crew for more information on

Yes, gift vouchers may be bought at reception.


Please go to Parties

Do you cater for private groups/parties? Yes we can tailor make a package to suit all your needs, please call one of the Jump Crew for more information on 021 – 4345555.

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